Detroit REPRESENT! is a small collective of LGBTQ youth of color from Detroit, Michigan. We use media-organizing to creatively transform the oppression faced by Detroit’s LGBTQ youth of color, while building community.

The mission of Detroit REPRESENT! is to inspire and support media organizing in Detroit lead by LGBTQ youth of color, in order to resist erasure, transform oppression, and create authentic portrayals of our communities, our lives, and our selves. 

Detroit REPRESENT! is a media-based community project, created and lead by LGBTQ youth of color from across Detroit. We began meeting in 2011, when a group of LGBTQ youth of color from all corners of the city started gathering at a nearby church, every week, to teach each other photography, and discuss the oppression within mainstream media. Since that time, our collective has evolved. Some of our first members have gone on to become adult activists, some of us have pursued other dreams and goals, and some of us have taken on greater levels of leadership within the collective.

We meet about twice a month, at different locations around the city. During meetings, we discuss our experiences with oppression, and practice making media to address it. Our goal isn’t simply to raise awareness — we want our media to act as tools for solving the problems we identify. In the past, we’ve used stencil art, screen printing, video production, photography, and more.

Detroit REPRESENT! is always looking for LGBTQ youth of color to join our collective, allies to work alongside us, and adults volunteers to support our work.

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