The Search for Community Allies is On!

October may seem far off; but in reality, it’s just around the corner.

As we get ready to launch Detroit REPRESENT!, we’re looking to build a strong team of Community Allies — folks who are no longer “youth,” but who want to support the project, either before or during our launch. Community Allies can be any age, and have any identity. All we ask is that you be:

– Excited about accepting leadership and direction from youth

– Passionate about small-scale community organizing in Detroit

– Comfortable discussing race and racism in Detroit

– Comfortable discussing sexual and gender identity with youth

– Ready to build creative solutions to community problems!

We need the most support from our Community Allies in the following areas:

– Support with cooking meals and clean-up during our meetings

– Support with fundraising

– Support building strong partnerships with similar youth programs and like-minded community organizers and collectives

– Support transporting youth to and from meetings

– Participation in critical dialogues

– Event planning, and help staffing events

– Providing crisis intervention to youth

– Support with set-up and tear-down before and after meetings

If this sounds like you, emailĀ

for an application, and more details about how to get involved —

and stay tuned for information about our upcoming Community Ally orientation!