This is Who We Are – Join Us!

This fall, a small group of LGBTQ youth of color from across Detroit will come together to investigate community problems, and create collaborative media solutions. 

With ever-increasing media attention turned towards the problems in Detroit, Dan Savage’s promise to LGBTQ youth that It Gets Better, Stories like Trayvon Martin’s in the national headlines, and the murders of trans youth of color right here in Detroit still mounting, Detroit REPRESENT! will provide LGBTQ youth of color from Detroit with resources, skills, and a forum to represent ourselves with boldness and authenticity, while creating solutions to the problems we struggle with on a daily basis.

This project is a response to the myth that racial identity, gender identity, and sexual orientation are fundamentally separate issues.

It’s our rebuttal to disempowering narratives of Detroit that focus on blight and abandon, while ignoring innovation and resilience.

As LGBTQ youth of color, and as Detroiters, we know that our survival is dependent upon our ability to be creative, to love one another unconditionally, to challenge racism, homophibia, transphobia, and disempowering portrayals of our communities, all at once. This project will be a forum for us to do just that.

Right now, we are looking for 2 – 3 additional project coordinators. We are specifically looking for youth ages 14 – 18, but we’d welcome older or younger youth to contact us, too! As a project coordinator, you’ll get to attend this amazing conference for free, where you’ll meet other passionate LGBTQ youth at an all-day summit. We’ll be meeting twice a week, to work on developing our project’s structure, and content. And don’t worry, if you’ve never coordinated a project like this one, before — this is a learning experience for all of us!

We’ll be hosting most of our planning meetings at the MPowerment space, in the New Center area, and while we’re still figuring out the logistics of our permanent home,

we will be able to provide transportation from anywhere in the city. 

We also want to note that, while we can’t afford to pay youth coordinators at this time, we have been hard at work, thinking up funding options so that, down the road, we may be able to compensate youth coordinators.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, write us at or call 313 279 1279

And don’t forget to check this blog regularly for updates on our progress!


The mission of Detroit REPRESENT! is to resist erasure and misportrayal by actively engaging in the work of self-education and self-empowerment, to create a revolutionary media alternative that authentically portrays our communities, our lives, and our selves.