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I Am Search Sex Dating My boyfriend still has pictures of his ex on facebook

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My boyfriend still has pictures of his ex on facebook

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That's a sign I'm not as over it as I'd like to be. Knowing that, I wouldn't feel so comfortable if a guy I was dating could barely stand to think of his ex-girlfriend. Of course, even if the best circumstances I wouldn't be thrilled to come across a photo of a boyfriend and his ex jealousy is an boyfrkend little monsterbut I would understand.

But if he was keeping it a weird secret? Yeah, I'd be upset. Would you?

Does your boyfriend have any pictures of his ex-girlfriend? Does it bother you or do you think it's OK? And he was fine with it.

Even to this day, five-and-a-half years on from my ex, the photos we shared together are still buried deep somewhere in a Facebook photo album. And the same goes for my current partner.

picttures And, at the end of the day, I am his current girlfriend — if he was meant to be with any of his exes, he would be. Relationships are learning curves. Upset girl looking at her boyfriend's computer.

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Share it: What could it mean? With that in mind, there are people who believe that when a relationship is over, ties need to be cut.

Your ex needs to be blocked in your phone, their photos deleted from your social media, and mention of them needs to cease. But should whatever decisions you make in the way you move on from your former love really bear such weight in a new relationship?

Is it petty if mementos, images and even og presence of an ex riles up your new partner?

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